Debris Removal Melbourne

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Debris Removal Melbourne

Having large amount of debris caused from big surrounding trees can be a problem for your roof, gutters, valleys and downpipes. Leaf matter, bark, large sticks, and batches of leaves can causes blockages in your valleys, gutters and create a thick layer covering your downpipe which can cause overflow, backflow and blockages; eventuating in property damage over long periods of time.


At Gutter Pro Melbourne, prior to our thorough gutter vacuum clean, we remove all large debris from your roof to ensure that after we finish, the debris doesn’t end up in your gutters. This is an important part of our full service gutter clean, and provides peace of mind to our clients that their roof is clean, and the large debris won’t cause future problems.


Our team of professionals believe in offering the best service, that is why large debris removal is part of our affordable full service gutter clean. Just like all our services, we provide photos upon completion for all our clients.


By removing all large debris from the roof, you can have peace of mind that:


·       Large debris of bark and sticks won’t cause problems for your roof tiles such as moving them or cracking them

·       Valleys, gutters and downpipes won’t be blocked with large debris

·       Large debris won’t cause issues for your other services such as antenna, air conditioner units and telephone lines


We assist many clients with other debris removal at their property. This includes:


·       Removing large branches that have been trimmed back from the roof and gutter line

·       Clippings from hedging

·       Rubbish removal loaded into our large caged trailer 

·       Household items to be removed such as structural timber, bricks and laser light.


At Gutter Pro Melbourne, we are a local, family owned team of professionals that strive to provide the highest level of service to our customers. 


All our team members are certified, qualified and insured and follow the highest safety standards. Our prices are affordable, and we provide the most professional service to our clients.



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Trent and his team did an amazing job cleaning out our gutters! They were very punctual, professional and easy to communicate with. No mess left behind. We are very happy with their service! Thanks Gutter Pro team!
Holly Perry
Highly Recommend!! Trent and his team are great, constant communication before the day, turned up on time, very thorough in checking all gutters and downpipes and pointing out any problems that we may have, even sent through photos of the gutters when he finished - WOW!! We will definitely be using them again!!
Amazing Limousines
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