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When should my gutters be cleaned?

Gutters should be cleaned every 6 months by trained professionals to avoid blocked and overflowing gutters. This can cause excessive backflow and property damage to your roof, eaves and walls. We professionally vacuum clean gutters every day and can assist you for a safe gutter clean.

Do all your gutter cleaners have the appropriate insurance?

We are covered by $15 million Public Liability insurance and all our team members are covered by WorkCover Insurance. At the request, we can provide a Certificate of Currency. All our members are training with Working with Heights and following the highest degree of safety protocols.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods:

·       Credit/Debit card

·       Bank Transfer

·       Cash

Will you let me know before you arrive?

We are a local and family owned business who pride ourselves on our professionalism by providing the best service to our clients. We are very professional with communicating to our clients the day before the scheduled works, and informing our clients when we are 30 minutes away. Our clients thoroughly appreciate our high-level and transparent communication.

Will there be any mess?

Our high-tech and high-powered vacuum suction machines completely vacuum all the leaves, moss, mud, water and debris from your gutters into our waste drums with no mess at all! The power of our machines clears all your gutters, hassle free!

If any debris falls on the ground, will it be cleaned up?

Yes, our team of professionals take pride in providing the best service for our clients. We clean all work areas and usually leave the property cleaner than when we started!

How long does a gutter clean take?

The Duration of a Gutter Clean depends on a few factors:

·       Size of the home

·     Number of levels

·     Meterage of gutters

·      Amount of debris to be vacuum cleaned

·      Angle of the roof pitch

·      Weather on the day – if the tiles are too slippery.

·      Additional services requested by the client.

For a standard four-bedroom home we window 2 hours to complete the job, but every gutter clean is different and this can vary accordingly.

How do you clean gutters?

We use our state-of-the-art gutter vacuum machine called Gutter Master 2050. This is the most powerful gutter vacuum cleaner available with the latest suction technology to professionally clean gutters, valleys, downpipes and rain heads of debris and blockages. We have over 60 metres of vacuum hose that we use to clean all types of homes, buildings, shops, schools, commercial and farms. Following the completion of the works, we provide our clients with professional photos and a roof and gutter condition report.

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