Why is Gutter Cleaning Important?

Why is Gutter Cleaning Important?

Gutter Cleaning is one of the most crucial tasks to be undertaken regularly as part of property maintenance. This avoids property damage, potential health risks, unwanted vermin at the property and creates the nice aesthetic appeal every property owner desires!


Gutter cleaning involves a deep and thorough clean of all the gutters, rain heads, valleys and downpipes. This involves completely clearing all the debris and water to provide free flowing gutters and downpipes. There are a number of companies that perform gutter cleaning services, but there are only a few true professional companies with specialised vacuum cleaning equipment. There are only a select few that you would trust to perform such an important job on your biggest asset, your property!


Reputable companies, such as Gutter Pro Melbourne, use the most up to date vacuum technology, with full suction power to completely clean all debris with no mess at all. All gutters, valleys, downpipes and rain heads are vacuum cleaned with the debris of leaves, moss, mud and water all being sucked into drums and not on the property! This is how we achieve such a professional gutter clean with absolutely no mess for our clients. We use our hi-powered, hi-tech vacuum suction machines to clean properties of all shapes and sizes, including residential, commercial, businesses, restaurants, dental and health clinics, schools and industrial sites. We are local, professional, and what everyone loves, affordable.


Be careful when selecting a gutter cleaning service, always read the Google reviews as they provide honest feedback about different gutter cleaning businesses. Non-reputable businesses with insufficient equipment, implement methods of using very high-pressure water to clean gutters, or use a blower to blow the debris out of the gutters. The results speak for themselves with the huge amount of mess for the property owners and neighbours, plus the very high potential to cause serious damage to the gutters due to the high pressure, plus the strong likelihood of additional property damage can occur with water getting under the tiles and backflowing to the structure of the property. 


Avoid these unprofessional companies at all costs! It will cost you more than you think! If there is water overflow from these practices, and this water gets into your roof and eaves, this can cause structural and health risks, as you can read in depth below.


Residential and commercial gutters are designed to hold a substantial amount of water and debris. When this debris becomes too full due to the amount of leaves, bark, sticks/twigs dropping, birds dropping seeds and the growth of grass and weeds start, the gutters can no longer flow to the downpipe and the water becomes trapped. This can have many and significant issues for any home and business owner. If a heavy downpour occurs, the blocked gutters and downpipes can overflow and cause water to run into the eaves, and/or water backflow into any small gaps behind the gutters and can cause structural damage as well as gutter damage. 


If the gutters and downpipes are left unattended and become blocked, this can be a serious issue. Water sitting in any one spot for any amount of time, and with the weather conditions, exposes the potential for mosquitos, spiders, ants and other parasites to call your gutters and roof their new home. As you can imagine, this has the very real potential to cause health concerns for all the occupants in the family home or customers that frequent the business. 


Vermin and parasites are one of the real issues many home owners face, but the scariest is the growth and expansion of black mould. This is a significant warning flag for all property owners, whether it is residential, businesses, commercial, industrial or schools. Water damage from overflowing and backflow, if left untreated, will cause black mould to grow in the roof, through the structural timber and in the eaves causing the cement sheeting to change colour with the black mould to build and spread through the property. 


As you can imagine, if this is spreading through the roof, the eaves and the structure of the property, it can cause very serious and harmful health problems. If there is mould on the roof, even though it is on the outside of the property, you can guarantee it has seeped into the roof anyway. Most properties have air conditioning units on the roof, and alarmingly, this could be spreading the mould particles through the air by simply using the air conditioner and heater. The air flow through the vents can spread through every room of the family home, causing health concerns for all parties, visitors, young children, customers – the list goes on.


Whilst the potential for serious health concerns in very high, the financial consequences can be frightening to any property owner that has mould forming. The cost to repair structural timber caused from mould and vermin, eaves, gutters and downpipes, tiles and ceiling plaster can be thousands of dollars! A very scary thought for any home or business owner, but if there are significant mould issues which can cause very serious health issues for your family or customers, what choice do you have but to get the problem fixed?! 


All this can be avoided with routine gutter cleaning and checking the property for any leaks, overflows and damp areas. 


Always call the professionals that can vacuum clean gutters, pressure flush all gutters to collect all the debris, flush the downpipes for free flowing downpipes and rain heads and of course, provide professional photos upon completion. This should be a given for all reputable and professional gutter cleaning companies.

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Trent and his team did an amazing job cleaning out our gutters! They were very punctual, professional and easy to communicate with. No mess left behind. We are very happy with their service! Thanks Gutter Pro team!
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Highly Recommend!! Trent and his team are great, constant communication before the day, turned up on time, very thorough in checking all gutters and downpipes and pointing out any problems that we may have, even sent through photos of the gutters when he finished - WOW!! We will definitely be using them again!!
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